Perseo FAQs

Who is Perseo Chrome Extension intended for?

Perseo is designed especially for SEO consultants, but web developers will also be able to take advantage of it. In fact, if you are an SEO consultant and you work with a development team that implements your recommendations, you can recommend that they use Perseo to help them in the task, ensure that you all see the same and minimize possible errors.

What other extensions can Perseo replace?

SEO META in 1 CLICK, Ayima Redirect Path, Link Redirect Trace, Detailed SEO Extension, SEO Pro Extension, WooRank SEO Analysis, SEO Peek, Conductor, Portent's SEO Page Review, ...

Do you see any known extension? ;-)

But you don't have to believe us, just see for yourself. We encourage you to install them (they are quality extensions) and then go test us side by side. If in doing so, you miss any functionality, let us know what's missing and we'll do our best to include it.

Is Perseo Chrome Extension adapted to Manifest V3?

Yes, it is. This is important for several reasons:

  • Manifest V3 introduces a number of features focused on improving the privacy, security and performance of extensions.
  • Google set a timetable to stop supporting MV2 extensions, the previous standard. It is a done deal and there is no turning back.
  • Not all current extensions will be upgraded to MV3.
  • Perseo is born ready for the future.

Adapting Chrome extensions to this new philosophy involves quite a few changes. In many cases, even redoing the extension completely, which means that many extensions will not be updated to this new paradigm, either due to lack of time, resources, because it is not profitable or simply because the change is not possible due to the important limitations imposed by MV3 on some APIs. This will most likely mean that many extensions will not be upgraded to MV3 and will no longer be available.

The Manifest V2 support timeline is as follows:

  • January 2022
    No new MV2 extensions (except "private" visibility).
    Developers can still update existing MV2 extensions.
  • June 2022
    No new private MV2 extensions.
    Developers can still update existing MV2 extensions.
  • January 2023
    Developers can no longer update MV2 extensions.
    MV2 extensions no longer run in Chrome (limited enterprise exceptions).
  • June 2023
    MV2 extensions no longer run in Chrome (even with enterprise policy)