This tab displays a list of all headings on the current page.

Screenshot of Headings tab of Perseo Chrome Extension


  • It has a counter for each heading type so that you can see how many of each type there are at a glance.
  • The counter buttons are clickable to let you toggle each heading type and display only the ones you are interested in.
  • It contains an option to copy all headings to the clipboard.
  • The headings are displayed in order of appearance on the page.
  • The headings are displayed hierarchically through tabulation and a color-coding for easy reference.
  • If a heading contains links or images, Perseo will include indicators to show their existence. In addition, in the case of images, their alt attribute, if any, will be displayed.

Heading with link and image
Heading with link and image.

Heading with a linked image
Heading with a linked image.

Copy headings and export

The "Copy" option will let you copy the headings of the page to the clipboard in tabular format, so that it is very easy to paste the text into Excel or other data processing tools to work with them. In addition, to make it even more versatile, if you deselect some of the headings, this option will only copy the selected heading types instead of all of them.

Paste headings list to Excel
The copy to clipboard option allows you to easily copy the list of headings to Excel.

Highlight headings

With the "Highlight" option you can highlight the headings on the page with different colors according to their priority so that you can identify them quickly and make it easier to take screenshots with the headings visible.

Screenshot of Headings tab of Perseo Chrome Extension