The Schema tab incorporates a list of the structured data types included in the page in the same order in which they are found within the source code.

Screenshot of Schema tab of Perseo Chrome Extension

Perseo identifies any type of structured data, whether supported by Google or not, and can detect them wherever they are in the HTML code. It doesn't matter if they are inside the <head> or in the <body>.

Each data type is expandable and has a hierarchical format, so that the properties are displayed nested under each type. This way you can browse the properties down to the level you want. For ease of reading, the subtypes are displayed as highlighted tags that can also be unfolded. In addition, each level in the hierarchy has a different color to make easier to identify to which level a property corresponds.

Supported structured data formats

Perseo is capable of detecting structured data in the following formats:

  • Microdata
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards

Detection, not validation

Please note that, for now, Perseo does not incorporate features to validate the syntax of structured data markup or Google's guidelines for such data.