PERSEO test page

This page will allow you to test how PERSEO works live.

Install PERSEO, click on the icon ...

  1. Go to the PERSEO page in the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.
  2. Pin the extension icon to the Chrome taskbar.
  3. Navigate to this page or reload.
  4. Open the extension window by clicking on its icon in the Chrome taskbar.

... and test!


Check the most important SEO information of the page in the "SEO" tab.


Find the route info from the HTTP request. Query the request status code and identify both server and client redirects (meta refresh or even JavaScript redirects).

This is an H1 heading with a link, an image, and  both

This is an H2 heading

This is an H3 heading

This is an H4 heading

This is an H5 heading
This is an H6 heading